Windshield Care After Crack Repair or Replacement

Windshield careCaring for your windshield after crack repairs or full replacement was done is critical in the first 24 hours. Even if you selected a high-quality workshop there are a few windshield care tips and tricks you should be aware of to ensure your new windshield lasts longer than the last.

Windshield repairs cost less than $100, but you still want to ensure the repairs will last a long time. In case of a full windshield replacement proper care is perhaps even more important, as any less than perfect fitting may cause safety issues down the road.

Here are the most important tips you need to know about caring for your windshield after repair or replacement:

  • Your vehicle should not be driven for at least an hour after windshield replacement or repairs are completed.
  • If special kind of adhesive was required or even in extreme weather conditions, you may want to avoid driving for up to 24 hours. Your technicians will probably warn you if that’s the case.
  • Avoid washing your car for the first 24 hours! High-pressure water streams and some chemicals can interfere with normal drying of the adhesive, sealant or moldings. If you truly must wash your car do it by hand. Water or rain will not cause any issues.
  • Avoid stressing your vehicle in first 24 hours too. Windshield sealant and moldings can take a day to dry, and you must avoid driving on rough terrain during this time. Make sure you do not drive fast over any potholes, or even slam your doors too hard.

Unfortunately there is no real way to know if windshield replacement was done properly unless a problem occurs. Ensure that you help the process by taking good care of your vehicle in the first day after replacement was done!