Massachusetts Cracked Windshield Laws

Massachusetts cracked winshield usage is governed by the state's Code. All relevant laws, rules and regulations pertaining to cracked windshields and windows in Massachusetts are provided below. Make sure to examine the regulations carefully and repair your window cracks or replace cracked windows.

Cracks on windshields, obstructed views of the road, window replacement requirements, and other similar laws and regulations are different in every state. Cracked windshield laws in Massachusetts prohibit driving vehicles if your view of the road is obstructed.

Can I drive with a cracked windshield in Massachusetts?

Massachusetts laws have detailed restrictions on the size and type of cracks allowed on windshields:

  • No cracks or chips are allowed within area cleared by windshield wipers.
  • Any damage on windshields must not obstruct driver’s clear view of the road.
  • No chips or cracks larger than the size of a quarter are permitted.

Other laws and regulations:

  • Obstructed windshield regulations: No sign, poster, or other non-transparent material is allowed on windshield except those required by law. Those must be in bottom corner within a 7-inch area. Rear view mirror may not have any items hung on it.
  • Replacement windshields: Replacement windshield glass must be of the same kind and quality, and any repairs should restore vehicle to its original state.
  • Windshield wipers: Vehicles must be equipped with windshield wipers in good working conditions. Cracks which prevent wipers from operating correctly may be illegal.
  • Windshield insurance: Depending on your comprehensive insurance policy, windshield replacement or repair is either free or with a $100 deductible.

Federal cracked windshield regulations

Federal regulations require all drivers to have a clear vision of the road. Windshield cracks or chips smaller than ¾-inch in diameter are allowed if they are not located within 3″ of another crack.

Any cracks or chips or other damage which can potentially obstruct clear view of the road must not be within critical vision area. This is defined as area directly above the steering wheel, two inches from the top and one inch from sides.


Our information about Massachusetts cracked windshield laws was last updated in 2023 and checked in 2024. In case any info we provided is not up to date or correct be sure to contact us so we can revise it. Thank you!

We always advise checking with your local law enforcement or other relevant agencies. Massachusetts cracked window laws or windshield obstruction regulations in certain cities or counties may be different from state legislation. While we do our very best to advise whether it is legal to drive with cracked windshield, we can not be held liable for any potentially incorrect or misinterpreted info. Very often it is up to individual police officers to determine if your clear view of the road is obstructed.

State of Massachusetts Info

Massachusetts, officially the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, is a state in the New England region of the northeastern United States. It is bordered by Rhode Island and Connecticut to the south, New York to the west, and Vermont and New Hampshire to the north; at its east lies the Atlantic Ocean. Massachusetts is the 7th smallest, but the 14th most populous and the 3rd most densely populated of the 50 United States. Many of Massachusetts' towns, cities, and counties have names identical to ones in England. Massachusetts is the most populous of the six New England states and has the nation's sixth highest GDP per capita.

Capital: Boston

Population: 6,646,144

Area: 10,555 sq mi (27,336 km2)

Cities ▼

Cities in Massachusetts: Boston, Cambridge, Watertown, Salem, Worcester, Springfield, Framingham, Brookline, Newton, Lowell, Somerville, Quincy, Waltham, New Bedford, Plymouth, Amherst, Provincetown, Northampton, Woburn, Gloucester, Concord, Natick, Andover, Fall River, Medford, Braintree, Wellesley, Brockton, Chicopee, Arlington, Revere, Barnstable, Haverhill, Weymouth, Lynn, Newburyport, Falmouth, Beverly, Pittsfield, Hyannis, Taunton, Peabody, Foxborough, Chelmsford, Needham, Dedham, Rockport, Lexington, Malden, Billerica

Counties ▼

Counties in Massachusetts: Barnstable, Berkshire, Bristol, Dukes, Essex, Franklin, Hampden, Hampshire, Middlesex, Nantucket, Norfolk, Plymouth, Suffolk, Worcester


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