How to Stop Windshield Cracks From Spreading

Driving with a cracked windshield can be dangerous. There are various safety concerns with cracked windshields. Most important safety issue relates to reduced visibility of the road.

Stop windshield damage spreadThis is why windshield cracks or chips should never be directly in front of the driver. They can impair your clear vision of the road ahead, and police officers will happily cite you for this damage.

To avoid traffic tickets but also ensure you drive safely you should always repair or replace your windshield. Repairs will take less than 30 minutes on average for small cracks or chips and will ensure your windshield is safe to drive with.

Repairing windshield immediately after damage occurs is the best course of action, but not always convenient. If you’re unable to immediately repair your cracked windshield it’s important to take a few preventive measures to ensure the damage does not spread. Here are simple ways to stop window cracks from spreading.

Keep dirt and water out

First thing you should do is prevent dirt or water from entering the crack. These can frequently cause additional damage and cause cracks to spread.

You can apply simple clear tape on the crack to prevent most dirt or water from entering. This is of course just a temporary solution until your windshield can be properly repaired.

During winter your window crack will spread quickly. If water or moisture enters the cracks it can freeze. Since ice expands when frozen, this can easily enlarge cracks in your windows and cause additional damage.

Use super glue

This is only recommended until your windshield can be replaced. Using super glue will make the repair job more difficult and potentially more expensive, but this is a cheap and quick way to ensure larger cracks don’t expand.

Any cheap super glue applied to windshield cracks will ensure the glass holds together. Super glue can buy you some time and ensure it’s safer to drive when you’re unable to repair or replace your windscreen immediately.

Keep in mind, this is not a long-term solution and you can and probably will receive a traffic ticket if stopped by law enforcement. “Repairs” done with super glue will likely be very visible.

Buy a DIY repair kit

Most auto part stores should have windshield repair kits in stock. They cost about $10, and can often do a remarkable job with small cracks.

If your windshield cracks are directly in front of the driver you should visit a professional glass repair shop as soon as possible. It is illegal to drive with obstructed view of the road in most U.S. states.

Avoid extreme weather conditions

Heat, rain, snow or freeze can all easily make cracks and chips expand further. Make sure you park in the shade, and apply any of the above methods to keep water from entering the crack.

Your glass will expand and contract depending on temperature differences, and this can easily further damage your windshield and make cracks larger. Try to avoid any sudden temperature changes.

Drive carefully

Driving over potholes, especially at high speeds, can put significant strain on your windshield. Damaged windshield is not as strong as an undamaged one and there are several safety concerns when driving with one.

By driving more slowly and avoiding any potholes you can easily prevent windshield damage from getting worse.

These few tips should help you keep your damaged windshield in check. Small chips and most cracks less than 6 inches in length can easily be repaired. It is advisable to use some of these tricks to avoid further damage before you can visit a professional window repair shop.

These are all just temporary measures to stop windshield cracks from spreading, and it’s always important to consult professionals and repair your windshield as soon as possible.